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Testimonial Letters


"Going to Magnolia Dental is a wonderful experience from beginning to end, The office itself is beautiful and designed to make you feel happy. The front office staff is very friendly and helpful. The hygienists are thorough and very congenial, and Dr. Roberts is so personable. There are all kinds of perks at this office -- massage/ heat dental chairs, earphones for watching TV during your procedure, head pillows, blankets, and anything else you would like. Talk about taking the anxiety out of dentistry! I any going through a crown procedure at the moment, and I have experienced no pain, and the temporary crown looks and feels just like my own tooth: I actually look forward to my dental visits!" - Josephine Selepak

"Dr. Roberts & Staff, Thank you for the beautiful work you've done over the past couple of years, from pulling teeth, filling cavities, Invisalign, whitening & crowns, you have restored my smile and I am full of gratitude for you and your entire staff. You truly have the best medical office in Gainesville and your caring staff has helped me heal my fear of dental work!! God Bless - Joann"



"I wanted to write an article of thanks to the staff of Magnolia Dental. After being at the Honor Center for 60 days, Veterans become eligible for dental. Some lucky residents are assigned to Dr. Roberts and her wonderful staff at Magnolia Dental. I really needed a lot of work in order to get my teeth back into tip top shape. They made it very easy to do so. They always made me feel comfortable even when they were sticking needles in my mouth and drilling on my teeth. All joking aside, all the ladies at this dental office have a special place in their hearts for Veterans. They really go out of their way to accommodate our needs. If there are procedures outside of what the V.A. will cover, Dr. Roberts will make suggestions and try to find a way to help you. The dentist has always been a scary place for me, but now I am not afraid. They are always very professional, but yet very delicate. I hope that more of you have the opportunity to meet Dr. Roberts and the great staff of Magnolia Dental. It is definitely a place where veterans can feel welcomed, respected, and loved. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to smile with confidence again, and thank you for going above and beyond to make us Veterans feel special."



"I definitely recommend Magnolia Family Dental. Dr Roberts has such a sweet and kind spirit. She is such a sweetheart. She is overly concerned about her patients and their comfort while in her care. Her team displays the same characteristics of her which speaks high volume of who she truly is. I have bad dentist fear due to bad treatment in the past from other Dentist but, being in her care erases all of that worry. I am forever grateful and fully trust being in her care. You and your team ROCK Dr. Roberts. I soooooo love yall!" -Rhonda R. -Townsend 



"You’ve always make me feel exceptionally comfortable... even the first day I met you… I felt as if I’d know you for years… not to mention... I could watch my favorite show on satellite, turn on the back massager and cover up with a blanket if I were a little chilled.

You’ve always had the “best” Staff… Everyone is ever polite, upbeat and courteous. They’ve always been able to accommodate my schedule when I need to come in and they will smile all the time... Their cheeks must hurt at the end of each day from smiling so much!

You’ve always had the Brightest, Cleanest and Freshest office I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t smell like medicine... even in the bathroom! If feels and smells like home, especially with the scented soap, decorative rugs and hand towels.

You’ve always me feel as if I was your only patient for the day.. no matter how long your day had been, how busy or tired you were, I could never see it on your face nor hear it in your voice.

You’ve always made me feel like there was never a question too “crazy” or too “weird” to ask.. not only you did you give me an answer… but you put it in words that I could understand.

You’ve always been such a “perfectionist” … Remember when I insisted on having some bonding done on my two front incisors… well, not only you did accomplish with my request but as you worked from time to time you would ask me how they looked and I would say “great”.. but even still.. you would yet continue to work.

You’ve always shown me genuine compassion and gentleness during every visit.. and I have been with you six or seven years now... not to mention the times when I would be anxious about a procedure… you never made “light” of my concerns no matter how small they might have seemed to others.

You’ve always been very attentive and observant of me during my time in your chair… like the Mom that you are... you notice everything!... rather it be a mere move of my hand or a “flinch” or my eye, you never missed it... whatever it was, you made sure my needs were met.

You’ve always asked… “Are you okay?” or “Do you need a break to rest or relax your jaw?” You constantly make sure I’m okay the entire time… and at times I have asked you the same question… Remember when you did my Root Canal and it took three hours because I had some extra calcification… you worked tirelessly… you assured me it would turn out just fine… and it did!

You’ve always seemed to alleviate my anxiety when it came to “the needle”… which no one else has been able to do… I don’t know how you do it but I never see it coming, your technique is Awesome!... You make it so easy to trust you. I rest assured because I know that when you say to me… It’s a big stick or “it’s going to be uncomfortable but it will be quick”… your always right.

You’ve always made yourself available to me and it didn’t matter the day nor the hour.. Remember when you extracted my two upper Wisdom teeth.. like always, you assured me everything would burn out fine… and it did… I only took pain medicine for one day!.. the evening of the extraction. It just so happened that I had the extraction the week before Christmas… which meant that I would have my sutures in for Christmas… so you said to call if I had any problems or concerns no matter how small. Reluctantly, I called you on Christmas Day around 6’clock in the evening because I wasn’t sure about one of my sutures.. and without hesitation you met me a the office to take a look… but all was well.. there was nothing you needed to do.. In fact, it was just my “unstrained eye”… not knowing what sutures really should look like… not to mention… Two days later.. you met me at the office again on Saturday to remove my sutures and address any more of my concerns… you are absolutely unbelievable!... a rare gem indeed.

You’ve always made me feel as though I am not just a “patient” or just a “number”… but a Friend as well… because we discuss everything from global warming… to the girlie stuff!

It is because of you… your passion for the work that you choose to do.. and your gentle, loving spirit as a person… that empowers myself and I’m sure so many others the ability to honestly say… “I’m not afraid to go to the Dentist” and really mean it.

For words can not express my deepest gratitude… For your tireless acts of compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, gentleness and love.. have not gone unnoticed…

Dr. TWYLA J. ROBERTS, You… will always be…. The Most Renowned! And most Awesome! Doctor of Dentistry.. I have ever me… or you will ever meet.. on this side of heaven. Thank you for being you.

Humbly and respectfully submitted

Your #1 Fan,

Denise Johnson"





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