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The best way to treat decay and cavities is preventing them in the first place, but when they do happen, fillings can restore your teeth and prevent further damage. Magnolia Family Dental offers dental fillings to repair teeth affected by decay and cavities to patients throughout Gainesville, Alachua, Starke, Lake Butler, High Springs, Ocala, and the surrounding Florida communities. Schedule an appointment online or call the Gainesville, Florida, office today.

Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings? 

Dental fillings restore teeth that have been damaged by cavities, holes that form in your tooth as the result of decay. 

When your dentist fills a cavity, they remove the decayed part of your tooth, clean the cavity, and then fill it with either amalgam (silver) or a composite tooth-colored material. Fillings stop bacteria from entering your tooth and causing further decay.

The best way to detect cavities is to get regular checkups and cleanings at Magnolia Family Dental. The sooner you treat tooth decay, the easier it is to restore the health and function of your tooth. 

In fact, at the earliest signs of decay, a fluoride treatment in the office and good dental hygiene at home can prevent the need for a filling.

Cavities don’t always cause symptoms like pain and sensitivity, especially at first. If you wait until you have serious discomfort to seek treatment, you may need more involved work, such as a root canal. Fillings are a quick, straightforward procedure that causes minimal discomfort.

What types of dental fillings are available?

Magnolia Family Dental offers two types of dental fillings. Your options include:

Composite resin 

Composite fillings, made of a ceramic and plastic compound, are among the most common type of fillings. They match the color of your teeth and look natural. They’re most effective for small fillings and fillings in your front, visible teeth.

Silver fillings 

Fillings made of silver amalgam are durable and last longer than composite resin. However, they look less natural than other kinds of fillings. Your dentist may recommend them if you need a large filling or a filling near the back of your mouth where they’re not visible.

Your dentist recommends filling materials based on the degree of decay, the location of the affected tooth, and your budget and insurance coverage.

How do I take care of my filings? 

To ensure your fillings last a long time and prevent future cavities, it’s important to practice good dental hygiene the same way everyone should, with or without fillings. This includes:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily
  • Avoiding sugary or sticky foods
  • Limiting teeth-staining foods and drinks like coffee and tea, and rinsing out your mouth with water when you do have them
  • Drinking water instead of acidic beverages like juice and soda
  • Scheduling teeth cleanings twice a year
  • Calling your dentist if your filling is chipped, loose, or missing

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